Reflexology Improves your Health

Reflexology by Envi Salon & Spa

Reflexology is a way to relax and de-stress your body. It is an ancient healing art in which primarily focus is given to feet. There are certain reflexes on the feet corresponding to certain organs, glands and body parts. By applying pressure on these reflex points; health is promoted in the precise corresponding body parts. Reflexology helps in balancing biological systems.

Experts from Envi Salon are discussing some of the benefits of reflexology in order to improve your health.

·         Reflexology improves circulation – The function of blood is to carry vital nutrients to various parts of the body and removal of toxins and waste products out of the body. In addition to circulatory system, body uses other ways to detoxify itself such as digestive system and lymphatic system. Stress prevents these systems from functioning properly. Reflexology helps in increasing the blood flow and movement of these systems, thus reducing the stress.

·         Reflexology generates relaxation – You must have heard worry is like a pyre. Doctors agree that cause behind most of the ailments is stress. When our body is distressed, energy reserves are quickly depleted and less energy is available to fight infections or make repairs. When our body is in relaxed state, the healing power of body is activated. Reflexology induces deep relaxation relieving tension out of the body.

·         Reflexology revitalizes energy – Every now and then, you must have experienced low energy levels. This majorly results in our inability to concentrate, lack of motivation and a physically tired body. Reflexology paves way to the blocked paths in the body by opening them and makes us feel better about ourselves.

·         Reflexology reduces pain – Reflexology encourages the body to create endorphins, thus alleviating the pain of the body. The gentle pressure applied to the reflexes interrupts the pain cycle. It acts as a preventive healthcare. Reflexology helps you save a lot of time and money.

If you also want to lead a healthy lifestyle and want to get purge of your ailments like back pain, depression, migraines, digestive problems, then reflexology is a sure-shot way to do that. Envi Salonis one of the best salons in Pune rendering services regarding reflexology.


Repair your Hair with Olaplex

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Envi Salon & Spa

Do you want your bad days to be over forever? What if you could prevent your hair from being brittle and breaking? How it would be like if there’s a way to repair damaged strands by linking the bonds back together again? Well yes, all this indeed can happen with the help of Olaplex treatment. Olaplex is a scientific hair repair treatment which reconnects broken disulphide sulphur bonds in the hair.

Your hair contains lots of keratin proteins, which has the amino acid cysteine. Cysteine is special because it contains a Sulphur atom. Apparently, two sulphurs join together to form a disulphide bond creating a link between two proteins. All these proteins are partially responsible for the overall shape and strength of your hair. When you perm or straighten your hair, these bonds break into two SH (free thiol) groups and then reform after the hair is pulled into its new shape. Reforming these bonds typically takes a few days.

However, this is not the only thing that can break disulphide bonds. Continuous heat, sunlight, hair styling and chemical treatments like hair colouring also lead to breakage ofdisulphide bonds leaving your hair weak and damaged. The active ingredient in Olaplex is a compound called bis-aminopropyl diglycoldimaleate and its two ends form bonds with the sulphurs, making an artificial and extended disulphide bridge. The “dimaleate” part of bis-aminopropyl diglycoldimaleate is known as Michael acceptors. They react with a SH group each in a Michael reaction to form covalent bonds which results in the formation of new disulphide link between two sulphurs making your strands stronger.

If you also want to get rid of damaged hair, then should definitely opt for revolutionary salon applied Olaplex treatment so that broken bonds of your hair are repaired before any further damage is done. Envi Salon, being one of the best salons, specializes in hair and scalp treatments. Hair Spa, Shine Treatment, Mythic Oil Treatment, Anti-dandruff Treatment, Hair Loss Treatment are some of the other key treatments in addition to Olaplex treatment provided by Envi Salon.

Give your Hair a Second Life


We all have been guilty of damaging our hair. Damaged hair is the most common problem faced worldwide by women. It is associated with breakage, split ends, dullness and difficulty in untangling the hair. But before treating your damaged strands, it is necessary to know the level of hair damage. In erosion level 1, there are some raised and separated scales and fibre surface is less smooth. In erosion level 2, scales are completely raised and separated. There is deterioration of the fibre surface in erosion level 3 and the internal structure (cortex) of the fibre is visible while the cortex of the fibre is damaged and totally eroded in the erosion level 4. .

Keratin Associated Proteins (KAPs) are those tiny proteins that link and bond keratin together. 50% of your hair is made by KAPs. When your hair is damaged, KAPs disappear and hair structure collapses. This makes hair appears weak and limp. The Kerastase Resistance Therapiste is a newest hair renewal care for very damaged and over processed hair. It reconstructs the hair fibre and compensates for missing KAPs reactivating their synthesis. Bain Therapiste is a balm-in-shampoo for fibre renewal care. Masque Therapiste is to treat hair by SOS bandage for fibre quality renewal. Serum Therapiste texturizes your strands by alleviating dual splits and sealing care for fibre renewal.

Bain Therapiste envelops the fibre during the shampoo, reduces friction between hair fibres leaving hair shiny and smooth. Wet your hair a bit with water. Take a chestnut size amount of the shampoo in the palm of your hand and gently massage onto the hair lengths. Rinse off and repeat the same for a second time. Masque Therapiste deeply repairs hair fibre at its core and helps in regaining strength and elasticity. Hair is toned and revitalized. Apply Masque Therapiste to your washed hair and massage onto lengths till ends. Leave it in for five minutes and then rinse thoroughly. The next in this hair care regime is Serum Therapiste to give final touch for perfect ends. It instantly heals and seals split ends. Hair is protected from heat of up to 230 degree Celsius. It can be used either on wet hair or as a finishing product on dry hair. Apply it on ends only and leave in.

You will notice a phenomenal change in your hair after 10 applications of this hair care routine. There will be 125% improvement in fibre resistance and 76% reduction in split ends. Envi Salon is one of the best salons which specializes in hair treatments. Kerastase Resistance Therapiste is among the best hair products used by Envi Salon.

Hair treatment for your healthy hair : Mythic oil

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Mythic oil treatment is an intensive therapy ritual that use powerful oil concentrates to clarify, deeply nourish and protect the color, returning hair to a balanced state. It entails exclusive mythic oil which is suitable for all hair types. The oil is a blend of fresh splendid avocado and grape seed oil.

Mythic Oil is a comprehensive accumulation of modified oil mixes and oil-improved hair care, which leaves hair looking shiny, feeling graceful and with a divine fragrance. The inception of mythic oil treatment happened in 2011. A little while later, the reach extended to incorporate Color Glow Oil and Shimmering Body Oil – each of which is intended to target particular needs. The honor winning Mythic Oil hair care extent includes an extravagant cleanser, conditioner and hair masque.

Often we have witnessed general oil is heavy on scalp and thus leave our hair strands heavy, dry and coarse. The heavy oil further promotes hair fall. Moreover with normal oil treatments, scalp somehow manages to retain dirt.

However, mythic oil treatment has been one of the most effective innovations. The treatment entails an amalgamation of shampoo, conditioner and masque. The comprehensive treatment is done with the help of powerful oils which leaves the hair strikingly neat and clean at the root and splendidly nourished at the end. The treatment is lightweight and promotes perpetual results.

This treatment is an ultimate therapy to pamper and caress hair with utmost luxury and best rich blends. Envi salon facilitates you with an overwhelming consultation which answers all your unquestioned queries regarding your hair damage. We ensure that our customer is well versed with the treatment opted. With the help of our special instruments and a special laboratory-standard camera we try to detect every petty detail of your scalp and hair. Our experts then accordingly advise the right treatment. Hence, without a second though consult our professionals and save your hair.

Dermalogica: The best care your skin can get

Salon in Malad, Salon in Goregaon, Salon in Thane , Salon in Vashi, envi salonDermalogica came into existence in the year 1986 and since then it has been doing the best it can in the field of skin care products. Since its inception, this company had a crystal clear vision that it would offer nothing but the best. Going along this vision, the company ensured that all the products manufactured under its label are made up of harmless ingredients. The use of harmful substance is strictly against the ethics of this company. Therefore, the people who are using Dermalogica products can be sure of the fact that their products do not contain any sort of harmful substance or chemical that can irritate the skin. The products are totally harmless and gentle to the skin.

Initially these premium products could be bought only from qualified professionals that were trained at The International Dermal Institute. However these days Dermalogica products are being used by various high end salons and spas in order to provide the most satisfying services to their clients.

Envi Salon has been using Dermalogica products from quite a long time and the professionals working in this salon are extremely satisfied with the quality of these products. An expert from Envi Salon revealed that though the packaging of these products is quite ordinary but the effect that they have on the skin is absolutely extraordinary. Going by the reviews these products have been receiving all around the world, it can be said that one must try them out in order to improve the tone and texture of the skin.

Why Kerastase ritual ?

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The Experience

Since its inception in 1964, Kérastase has always provided the finest quality in Hair Case and Avant-grade formulations which anticipate the wants and needs of not only Hairdressers, but also consumers. Kérastase has proven its capacity to truly beautify hair, from scalp to the ends.

Scalp and Hair Consultations

Each Kérastase Ritual starts with a professional, in-depth Scalp and Hair consultation using a Camera, performed by a highly-trained Kérastase Ambassador. From this in-depth consultation, your Kérastase Ambassador will choose one of the eighteen personalized Rituals from the Menu.

It is known that women are extremely obsessed with our hair and make sure that it received the best Hair Care treatment. In that case nothing can be more effective than a Kérastase Treatment.

In-salon Hair Care Rituals for divine Hair Transformations

Treat yourself to a personalized Hair Care Ritual performed by your Kérastase Ambassador.

The Ritual acts deep down to boost the efficiency of the haircare products which are applied with an expert massage, providing an intense soothing experience.

Each professional gesture is designed to offer a unique beauty experience in 4 steps: Bathe, Treat, Regenerate, and Texturize.

Types of Service

  1. Elixir Ultime Precious Oil Rituals

An Alchemy of precious oils with Oléo-Complexe for intensive shine, nourishment, & incredible softness for all hair types

  1. Hair Care Rituals

A collection of targeted solution to balance your scalp, using technologically advanced ingredients, your scalp and Hair will feel naturally clean and beautiful.

  1. Scalp Care Rituals

Customized hair care rituals and indulgent textures which ensure that your hair is completely transformed from within.

  1. VIP Rituals

The Ultra Luxury, pampering and indulgent Kérastase Rituals that completely rejuvenate and transforms your scalp and Hair

  1. Styling

Kérastase rituals are accompanied by a new collection of iconic stylers, for fluid styles with movements

At Envi Salon, you will then have a one-on-one consultation, and a hair diagnostic using specialized instruments and a special laboratory-standard camera, conducted by a haircare professional.

Come and experience a unique moment at the hands of your expert Kérastase hair consultant.


Hair loss treatment

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Hair loss is extremely common these days. Our lifestyle is so polluted that it makes our hair prone to such things like massive hair loss, damaged hair, under nourished and many other things. But as we are so inclined towards taking care of our whole body, it is also equally important to put emphasis on our hair as well.

As we all have been taught since childhood, know the cause first to get a solution. So before we try to search for a solution we must know where the problem lies. Thus to treat hair loss, we must be well versed to the reasons of hair loss. Hair loss generally happens because

  1. Nutrition

Nutrition plays a vital role in hair growth. Therefore low protein diet can cause hair loss immensely.  It has been observed from a study that the downfall of protein talk in the body leads to hair fall. Nevertheless you can regain the hair growth by taking proteins and nutritious food like fish, milk and eggs.

  1. Stress

Emotional stress is more harmful than physical stress. Along with hair loss, emotional stress is more likely to affect hair. Situations like divorce, losing a loved one, career issues make a person tensed. Which further leads in to consequences like hair loss and more.

  1. Pollution

Due to hair been exposed to heavy pollution, they tend to shed. Hair when being exposed to sun loses their nutrition value. Therefore to protect your hair cover your hair before being out in pollution.

  1. Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an epitome of physical stress. Undoubtedly giving birth to acid is traumatizing, also because of so many hormonal changes hair loss becomes common. It has been in the study that a woman loses more hair after delivering the baby then actually during pregnancy. So if you want to protect your hair, give good nutrition and hot oil massage to prevent them from losing post pregnancy.

  1. Heredity

Heredity is a very common reason amongst people who are prone to hair loss. If your mother at a certain age had massive hair loss, then you certainly are more prone to it. Since no remedy can avoid heredity, therefore you must take care of the hair present on your scalp by giving adequate nutrition and massage.

So, there is always a hope by which you can protect your hair. Hair loss prevention is easy if you adhere to some simple steps. Envi salon in their expert advice explains in detail about the right remedies and treatment one can have for hair.

Enrol in the amazing beauty & skin courses offered by Envi salon

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Beauty and style industry has raised few notches above. There are numerous fascinating styles which have been bombarding the fashion market now. Both Beauty and fashion industry have evolved and grown. The teaching and learning styles have undergone positive and effective changes in the way of teaching.

Gone are the days when traditional beauty style was a subject to offer by beauty training portals. The innovative ideas and novelty is everywhere to influence people. These courses have spread their arms till the horizon. They inculcate skin, hair, product knowledge, product usage and much more.

The courses include in-depth knowledge and also promise practical knowledge.  Along with teaching in a very descriptive manner, they also ensure that every student is entitled to practical learning.

Hair Courses

  • Basic hair knowledge
  • Hair science
  • Product knowledge
  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Hair care and treatment
  • Classic cutting and styling
  • Perming
  • Hair composition and basic color
  • Straightening
  • Advanced cut and advanced color techniques
  • Male hair dressing
  • Salon management

Beauty Course

  • Basic beauty course (1 month)
  • Threading Waxing
  • Manicure, Pedicure
  • Bleach, Facial
  • Client consultation
  • Skin analysis
  • Advance beauty course (1 ½ month)
  • Body & skin anatomy
  • Advanced facial
  • Advanced machine treatment
  • How to use machine according to skin

Makeup Course

  • Knowledge about Colors, Brushes
  • Knowledge about Foundation, Concealer, Coloring, Shading & Hi-lighting
  • Eye Makeup
  • Bridal Makeup
  • Fashion Makeup
  • Personal Grooming
  • Consultation & Care

Nails course

  • Nail Technician
  • Manicure Cutting
  • Filing
  • Buffing
  • Nail shapes
  • Nail Polish
  • Nail Art
  • Nail Extension
  • Acrylic & Gel extensions
  • Inbuilt Glitter
  • Reverse French Refills
  • Extensions
  • Removals

These are some incredible beauty courses which Envi salon offers, so don’t think twice about joining them. The courses they provide are all delivered by professionals who are highly experienced. These courses hold professional training along with new pattern of teaching. They, apart from just training, also facilitate you about new trends. Nevertheless, they also emphasize the importance of traditional beauty. This type of teaching makes the candidate understand every minute detail appropriately. So leave no room for thoughts and hesitation, just avail the ever best courses offered by Envi salon, it is one of the best salon in Mumbai. Take the best service from the best salon.

Get ready to apply for courses -:

Pick your perfect wedding accessories and dress


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It’s acceptable and expected to be excited when it’s your wedding. Everything matters when it’s your own wedding. And you certainly should take the best for the biggest day of your life.

But it’s common to bear the confusion. It is important for you to choose according to some very important aspects like :

  1. Body type

Your type of body on the first place is enough to decide what to wear. If you are fat you must consider wearing something which doesn’t make you look fatter. Wear less flayers they make one look slimmer. And brides who are very slim should wear something which bring some flayer and make them look complete and full.

  1. Skin color

Your skin color is the second important factor which you need to consider before finalizing your bridal dress. If you are very fair go for something dark and vibrant. If you are dusky wear something which is little less vibrant and subtle. If you are dark chose colors which complement you and do not make you look darker.

  1. Trendy

If you wear accessories which is old fashioned the how you would manage to look classy. A bride should be classy yet beautiful. So going with trends is important.

  1. Matching

Matching accessories to your apparel makes your look appear more flashy and complete. Even if you don’t match everything contrast it in such a way that they complement each other.

  1. Suitability

You just can’t afford to wear anything on your wedding day. You have to ensure what suits you best and how. So try to everything you chose before buying them.

If you think you are not able to decide. Every time you chose anything you end up being in dilemma consult Envi salon they have such expertise in their work that they can solve your dilemma in minutes. You can look beautiful without efforts on your magical day. Let Envi salon take the tension for your day. It is the best salon in Hyderabad and undoubtedly the most reliable too. So don’t hesitate or even think before consulting.

Facial bleach for your glowing skin

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Often we stay in this misconception that face bleaching is not good for facial skin. But in reality it’s just a beauty treatment to remove blemishes, tone skin and lighten it. Bleaching can be done at home also with certain home remedies as there are numerous things which possess bleaching properties like potatoes, lemons  etc.

Bleaching clears the skin imperfections and tones the skin by removing the tanning from the face. It covers numerous benefits like

  1. It helps in removing tanning. So you don’t have to get anti tan to remove tanning. You bleach along with removing rubbish from your skin it will help removing tanning as well.
  2. Bleaching has high quality of skin lightening which helps your skin looks light in color alongside it also makes you look fair and young
  3. Facial bleaching along with lightening the skin brings glow to your face which makes you feel and look young and fresh.
  4. When you bleach your face it eventually revitalizes your skin which makes your skin internally healthy. Along with being healthy it becomes less prone to pimples and other ugly blemishes.
  5. Black heads and white heads just ruin the face then no matter how beautiful you are. Bleaching helps removing black heads and white heads as well.
  6. If you go to the market for anything which lightens then no doubt the products you get are exorbitant.

Envi salon thus gives you more benefits of facial bleaching. If you do it at regular intervals you might end up with flawless skin which is light and actually acne free. So if you feel anything which is not weird or afraid to do it home seek Envi salon’s help, it is best salon in Pune for skin lightening. Help your skin feel good. Feel young and fresh and remove unwanted rubbish from your face easily without spending a fortune to it.